Bespoke Wooden Boardwalks

Greenspace Designs boardwalks are found in woodland, parkland, wetlands, nature reserves and SSSI’s nationwide. The modular design of our sustainably sourced timber boardwalks, with straight and curved sections, enables us to create a sinuous route across the landscape leading visitors to points of interest. Pond dipping platforms, bridges, and viewing points can be incorporated into the design and images and text can be carved into the handrails or to the boardwalk’s non-slip surface. Our Environment Agency approved wooden boardwalks are built to avoid impact on the surrounding habitat and to allow the free flow of flood water.

Twenty Years' Experience

Greenspace Designs have over twenty years’ experience in the construction of timber boardwalks in a variety of widths in many different habitats. Our most common product is a 1.2m wide boardwalk with suitable passing places. The design can incorporate straight and curved walkway sections as well as pond dipping platforms and handrails where required.

Our boardwalks are individually designed to “flow” across the landscape and will blend into the surroundings. The substructure of our boardwalk design allows for the unimpeded flow of surface water, hence our design has previously been approved by the Environment Agency for use on flood plains. Our raised wetland boardwalks provide visitor access across and through otherwise inaccessible environments.

Greenspace’s standard boardwalks have a one or two inch high toe board or kick rail to provide a wheel stop for prams and wheelchairs.

This example from Carlisle, incorporates a circular pond dipping platform in the centre of the walkway. Customised non-slip rubber crumb treads have been added to the walkway in the shapes of local wildlife footprints.

Boardwalk over water with circular pond dipping area

Environmental Sensitivity

construction of boardwalk with steel supporting beams

Greenspace Designs have worked with Local Authorities, SSSI’s, Wildlife Trusts and local and national nature reserves for many years. One reason we are chosen is that we have a light-machinery installation method. We use no concrete or steel piles and, apart from steel fixings, use all natural or recycled materials which are in-keeping with their environment.

After we have finished a contract in a nature reserve, you would not know that we had been there because there is minimal impact on the land surrounding the installation. Low ground pressure vehicles and trailers are used for transporting tools and timber to the site, with special hand trolleys to transport timber piles, beams and boardwalk modules.

6 wheeled low pressure vehicle
Low Pressure vehicle with trailer over grassland