Aircraft Benches

If you are managing or developing a green space, what better way to celebrate your local history than with an aircraft bench handcrafted using sustainable English timber from our workshop?  With an artistic interpretation of an aircraft, you will be creating an uplifting and inspiring feature to remember your airfield’s unique history whilst providing a unique seating option in your green space. There were hundreds of airfields across the UK in WWII, the vast majority of them have disappeared with housing and agricultural development.  Let’s not forget the sacrifice of our countrymen.

You can choose from one of our existing aircraft designs:

The iconic Spitfire,

The Fairey Barracuda Fighter,

The Horsa Troop Carrying Glider,

The Bristol Blenheim Bomber.

Alternatively, our craftsmen can produce a seat specific to your site; something special, in solid, durable, local timber. The aircraft model you choose will be handcrafted to a scale of bench that suits your site. 

Our skilled craftsmen use sustainable, English timber to make these solid benches that withstand weathering and vandalism. With an artistic interpretation of an aircraft, the bench will capture your visitors’ imaginations.

Click here to see the Product Specification sheet for more details on our Aircraft Benches including sizing and pricing.


There are no visible fixings above the bench and the robust design is put together to give a smooth, sanded and oiled surface. The aircraft bench can be secured to hard surfaces or lawns using a range of robust techniques. Our normal seat height is 18 inches (450 mm) above ground level. 

Tamper Proof

By selecting high quality and durable timber, we are able to guarantee our benches for 10 years and expect them to be enjoyed for much longer.  The wings of the aircraft benches are made from at least two-inch (50 mm) thick timbers.  The robust fixing techniques and thick timbers combine to make Greenspace benches extremely tamper proof. We regularly install them in city parks where they withstand the worst vandalistic abuses thrown at them. Due to their substantial dimensions, any physical attacks or pen graffiti can be sanded off and the bench re-oiled to return it to its original condition simply and cheaply. 

Furthermore, we have ad hoc evidence to suggest that the natural character of our benches actually reduces vandalism. Often, whilst the plastic and metal features in the same park are destroyed, our wooden benches remain untouched and continue to be enjoyed.

With no visible fixings and legs buried deep in the ground, our benches are difficult to steal. If required anti chainsaw measures can be fixed in the legs and supports to stop thieves from removing the benches.


Because the benches are made from timber heartwood, the natural durability of the product means that no maintenance is required. Over a couple of years they weather to an even silver colour and will remain in this condition for decades.

Some site managers like to keep the fresh honey-coloured timber look. To do so, benches can be lightly sanded once a year and coated with Danish Oil to seal the surface and prevent the silvering process that comes with age. It should be remembered that timber sculptures are made from a  sustainably produced living material, which may develop minor cracks over time as they settle into a new location. This is a natural process with all native timber products that does not detract from the form or the function of the product.  

Aircraft Seats Gallery

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