Pond Dipping Platforms

Safe access to the water's edge

Greenspace Designs have been building pond dipping platforms, decks, viewing platforms and angling jetties for over twenty years.  Platforms are often incorporated into wider wooden boardwalk installations, but equally we can create stand-alone platforms to provide safe access to the water’s edge.  Platforms are a great way to encourage and facilitate visitor engagement with the aquatic environment whilst also providing a spot to stop and appreciate the views to be found in your green space.

Each of our pond dipping platforms is unique, created to meet the specific requirements of each installation site.  Our wooden platforms are built from sustainably sourced timber with a hard wearing non-slip finish applied to each tread board.

Platforms can be circular, rectangular, square or curved – whatever suits your spot best.  Pond dipping platforms provide safe access to the shallows at the edges of the pond, which are full of life, whilst preventing damage to banks and plants at the pond edge. Help visitors to bridge the gap between the aquatic environment and dry land without getting their feet wet.

wooden pond dipping platform
Handrails set to the optimimum height to balance safety against water access
curved wooden walkway over a pond
Curved dipping platform to provide access to a wider area of the pond
wooden pond dipping platform
Large capacity pond dipping platform with a low etched handrail

Customised Handrails

Traditional rounded, planed handrails can be installed at varied heights depending on the intended use and audience of your platform.  Alternatively, working with the renowned wildlife artist Mike Langman, we can create beautiful etched handrails.  For a viewing platform these could highlight key points of interest that can be seen from the particular location.  For pond dipping platforms they form an excellent wildlife identification display board. The deep engraving gives a tactile quality that children and adults love whilst educating visitors about the wildlife that can be found in the pond.

pond creatures etched onto a wooden rail
Pond life identification handrail
curved wooden pond dipping handrails
Curved handrail with wide gap for ease of access
low level pond dipping platform handrail
Low level artwork rail for dipping over

Joined up jetties

Jetties, decks and platforms can all be integrated with either existing infrastructure (eg fencing or handrails) or as extensions of wider installations such as boardwalks.  Adding angling jetties to boardwalks can provide safe fishing spots whilst protecting fragile bankside habitats.  For added security we can add lockable gates or security barriers to ensure that any platforms are only used under supervision.  Access to our platforms can be graded to meet existing paths if required. We have a wide range of customised wooden seating and signage that can be used to complement your platform.

These are examples of some previous wooden pond dipping platforms, viewing platforms and angling jetties created by Greenspace Designs.  Contact us to let us know what type of platform you want on your site.

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