The Greenspace boardwalk and bird hides at Westhay Moor in Somerset featured on ITV local news! Check out the video below.

The brief for this project was to build an accessible timber boardwalk that would nestle unobtrusively amongst the reeds. The design takes its inspiration from the area’s Neolithic past. We used variable length tread boards, cleft chestnut handrails and clad the outside of the thatched roundhouse hides with bark-on filches to invoke the feel of how an iron age structure might have looked.

The timber boardwalk offers a sweeping route through the habitat providing a wide range of vistas across the water and reedbeds from which to watch the local birdlife or simply soak up the wonderfully peaceful atmosphere.

Over 75m long and 1.8m wide incorporating a pair of thatched roundhouses at 3m and 5m diameters. All constructed from chestnut grown, felled and milled in Devon.