All Ability Wooden Picnic Table

Hand crafted wheelchair-accessible wooden family picnic table with two benches

This stylish, accessible wooden picnic bench design allows a family or group with mixed abilities to meet or picnic together. Our innovative all-ability meeting suite is ergonomically designed for wheelchairs to pull up on the open side of the table. Visitors with reduced mobility do not need to lift their legs over a traditional A-frame to sit down.

This design works beautifully in both metropolitan and countryside sites. The character of the timber complements natural settings or brings a hint of natural style to an urban landscape. These large wooden picnic benches can be oriented to take in a scenic view, and always become a popular visitor feature. 

This All-Ability Picnic Table is carved from robust cedar wood. It’s uniquely designed so that wheelchair users can pull into the open space or the table ends. Older visitors can slide in without having to negotiate a cross-bar. The picnic bench design also provides easy access for pushchairs and family groups.

This example was commissioned by the Okement Rivers Improvement Group, the 3.5 metre table and 2.2 metre benches are made from rugged two inch thick planks of sustainably sourced British grown timber with a natural waney edge finish.

Carved Wooden easy access Picnic Table Bench on grass

Master Carpentry

Our benches and tables are hand made by Greenspace Design’s team of artists and craftsmen using traditional tools and skills, handed down for generations. The professional craftsmanship involved in the manufacture of a wooden Greenspace All-Ability Picnic Bench is a joy to behold. There are no visible fixings above or below the bench. The robust design is put together giving silky smooth sanded and oiled surfaces that excite the senses of sight, touch and smell. We can offer straight edges, or we can follow the natural curves of the grain giving a ‘waney’ edge to the picnic benches and table.  Each bench and table set is truly unique, as the exact size and shape of each finished element is driven by the natural contours of each individual piece of timber. Our craftsmen use their years’ of experience of working with wood to bring each picnic set to life in a unique seating installation.

Bench Installation

Wooden easy access Picnic Table Bench in front of boat by river

The All-Ability Picnic Benches can be installed in a wide range of environments both urban and rural.

We have two standard methods of installation. For the first, we make the legs 1m long and fix anti-lift pegs to their bases so that they can be dug 600mm (2 feet) into the ground to give a sound fixing without the need for concrete.

For the second method, the legs are 400mm long and are fixed to solid surfaces using either hidden steel rods in the legs or ground anchors fixed through angle iron bolted to the base of the legs.

We can install these easy access benches for you or, alternatively they can be supplied with all necessary fixings for you to install yourself. If you have a skilled ranger service you can save on installation costs by ordering a flat-packed version of our wooden all-ability picnic bench for your team to install. The self-assembly option will have visible aluminium brackets under the joints of the furniture unlike our standard option which has no visible fixings.

Tamper Proof

The two inch thick timbers and robust fixing techniques make our benches extremely tamper proof. We regularly install them in city parks where they withstand the worst vandalistic abuses thrown at them. Due to their substantial dimensions, any physical attacks or pen graffiti can be sanded off and the bench re-oiled to return it to its original condition simply and cheaply. 

Furthermore, we have ad hoc evidence to suggest that the natural character of our benches actually reduces vandalism. Often, whilst the plastic and metal features in the same park are destroyed, our wooden benches remain untouched and continue to be enjoyed. With no visible fixings and legs buried deep in the ground, our benches are difficult to steal. If required anti chainsaw measures can be fixed in the legs and supports to stop thieves from removing the benches.

Bench Maintenance

Because the picnic benches are made from timber heartwood, the natural durability of the product means that no maintenance is required. Over a couple of years, they weather to an even silver colour and will remain in this condition for decades.

Some site managers like to keep the fresh honey-coloured timber look. To do so, benches can be lightly sanded once a year and coated with Danish Oil to seal the surface and prevent the silvering process that comes with age. It should be remembered that these timber benches and tables are made from a  sustainably produced living material, which may develop minor cracks over time as they settle into a new location. This is a natural process with all native timber products that does not detract from the form or the function of the product.  Click here to see the Product Specification sheet for the All-Ability Picnic Bench.

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