Intricate Carving & Etching

Our unique engraving process allows us to accurately etch exceptionally intricate artwork into our timber products to provide a lasting impression of any design. Your chosen artwork will be carved between one and three millimetres deep creating a clear, sharp image which will withstand vandalism and weathering allowing the image to be viewed for decades to come. A fantastic way to use artwork to really tell the story of your local site via engraving on a viewpoint bench, signpost or handrail.

The beauty of carving timber is that it lasts and looks good years after its installation.  We can work with your own artwork or we can create artwork for you. In addition, we can incorporate any text, logo or branding that is required as part of the engraving process.

section of detailed artwork
Section of detailed Mike Langman artwork
detailed artwork etched onto wood
The finished article etched onto a bench back rest

Greenspace Designs work with Mike Langman who is an internationally renowned and award-winning artist with over thirty years’ experience drawing and painting for the RSPB, National Trust, Wildlife Trusts and other heritage and wildlife organisations.

His ability to capture the essence of British wildlife, habitats and scenery can be seen in the images he creates. The intricate nature of his artwork means that returning visitors can discover new features within the image that they perhaps missed on their first viewing.

Wildlife artwork is created through consultation with the customer and is typically based on a photograph taken from the site and includes any species chosen by the customer for the illustration. The illustration is then scanned and any text, logos or other graphics are added.  The resulting image is then cut into a specialist mask which is applied to the timber.  The timber is then etched with recycled glass which carves the exposed timber, leaving the masked timber protected.  When working with very dense woods we use a harder garnet material to etch the text and images. The etched image is then treated with a preservative and painted so that it stands out against the wood to create a striking and lasting effect.

Children's Artwork

Using artwork made by local school children is a popular option especially for signs and boardwalk rails and pond dipping installations. This is an excellent way to foster and encourage engagement between local children and your green space. We can scan and resize artwork appropriately and then carve it onto any of our timber creations. Children love seeing their drawings come to life in this way.

wooden rail with etched children's drawings
Playground sign with children's animal drawings
Boardwalk rail etched artwork
Examples of the etching and carving created by Greenspace Designs

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