Timber Sculptures

Large, hand-carved wooden feature pieces for any green space

Greenspace Designs deliver projects on a range of scales always using sustainably sourced timbers including cedar, oak, sweet chestnut, larch, macrocarpa – always from British grown trees. Want to use your own timber? We make use of windblown timber and can create wooden sculptures for your visitors from your own wood. We can either carve timber on your site or we can remove and season timber before bringing back unique sculptures to be installed where they came from.

Specialising in wildlife features, our regular timber sculpture artists include Mic Chambers, Mike Langman and Andy Turner. Greenspace wooden sculptures are often to be discovered as integral parts of wildlife interpretation trails and woodland walks, as well as visitor engagement feature pieces in nature reserves, country parks and urban green spaces. Our handcrafted timber sculptures can blend education with natural beauty and practical installations. We can sculpt almost any creature or feature, if you can imagine it then we can probably make it.

These are examples of some previous wooden carvings and sculptures created by Greenspace Designs. Contact us to let us know what sculpture you want on your site.

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We specialise in making your ideas come to life in your green space. Our wooden sculptures are made by a team of traditional artists and craftsmen in Devon and are constructed from sustainably sourced timber. We usually design features specifically for the sites where they are to be situated. If you particularly like something we have done before we can discuss creating something similar for your site. If you can imagine it then we can probably make it.

Timber sculptures are made from a living material, which may develop minor cracks over time as they settle into a new location. This is a natural process with all native timber products that does not detract from the form or the function of the product.